About us

A team of bright-eyed thinkers and do-it-yourselfers eager to help business enthusiasts around the world develop UI/UX, web, mobile applications and IT security experts.

Why Chiffres?

We decided to rethink our company's vision for the next ten years and are now focused exclusively on individuals..., the people who create businesses that change the lives of thousands of others.

Chiffres is now a scalable IT company and service provider whose mission is to provide millions of people with quality, extremely simple and inexpensive products...that improve the daily lives of people and the community.

A young, dynamic, diverse, high quality and passionate technology team that makes us feel like we are doing our part in the world of tomorrow that is being born today.

Our goal

To help companies validate business assumptions. Quickly but without loss of quality. Whether it's an idea for a mobile, web or desktop application, you can test it by creating an MVP - the very first version of the product you can bring to market.

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1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200
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United States of America
Cocody, Riviera. Palmeraie
Ivory Coast
West Africa
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